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TCM: Acupuncture, Cupping Therapy, Tuina Massage

Viewing the human being as a whole is not only an integral element of the philosophy of the Clinic Dr. Otto Buchinger at Bad Pyrmont, but was always of great importance to most medical doctrines. Therefor it is our utmost concern to offer diverse therapies that have their origins in the holistic approach of the traditional Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a medical system practised in China for 3 thousand years that has been recognised worldwide, not least through the recommendation of the WHO (World Health Organisation) in 1979.

TCM is based on the principle that an "energetic potential", the "Qi" flows through the body in fixed channels (the meridians). The fact that these channels mostly run immediately underneath the skin is a significant factor for acupuncture.
TCM defines illness and pain as a disrupted or disturbed flow of energy. The goal of Traditional Chinese Medicine is to restore the balance of the body’s Qi.


Acupuncture enables our healers to influence the Qi channels directly. To this purpose, the skin is pierced by very thin needles of gold, silver or stainless steel, which trigger a stimulus of the body’s energy system …


Cupping therapy

Cupping is a form of cleansing therapy, where cups are used to create a vacuum on specific skin areas …



The Tuina Massage therapy uses the healing power of hands and a series of manual techniques …


Energy Booster

The energy booster is an irradiation unit that emanates energy from an „energy plate“ made of a rare type of Chinese clay …