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Treatment programmes


  • Harmony
    28 days
  • Deceleration
    21 days
  • Concentration
    14 days
  • Reflection
    10 days
  • Relaxation
    7 days
Buchinger Heilfasten Kur Arrangement Einklang

Buchinger Harmony

28 days

Our most extensive programme – if you ought, or would like to, take more time out. More time to fast. More time for yourself. More time and room for a positive change. If you have a health disorder or a serious illness, we recommend a stay of 28 days or more.

Buchinger Heilfasten Kur Arrangement Entschleunigung

Buchinger Deceleration

21 days

This is the BUCHINGER therapeutic fasting programme as Dr Otto Buchinger recommended it more than 100 years ago. During this time, you will achieve sustainable results particularly if you have a chronic condition. The arrival, fasting and adjustment days are perfectly designed for an annual stay of 21 days. Recognise your needs and take the time out that is necessary.

Buchinger Heilfasten Kur Arrangement Konzentration

Buchinger Concentration

14 days

The BUCHINGER therapeutic fasting programme in a shortened form. This is our offer for you if you are unable to stay more than two weeks and wish to experience BUCHINGER therapeutic fasting. After your arrival, as a rule, there will be one pre-cleansing day and ten fasting days, followed by three build-up days. During this time, you will define your wishes and goals, feel your body and concentrate on your mind – you will return home feeling mindful and balanced.

Buchinger Heilfasten Kur Arrangement Besinnung

Buchinger Reflection

10 days

The BUCHINGER therapeutic fasting programme for the experienced guest and guests who only have little time. During your stay, you will experience emotional realisation and you will sharpen your senses and level of perception. You will recognise the enriching effects of therapeutic fasting and refocus on the most important aspect of your life – yourself. This programme is ideal from time to time.

BUCHINGER Heilfasten Kur Arrangement Einklang

Buchinger Relaxation

7 days

During this relatively short time, you won’t be able to experience the BUCHINGER therapeutic fasting programme, however one week of tranquillity, relaxation and recreation will make you want to explore our programmes further. You will discover the possibilities of what we offer at our clinic. You will determine your health and personal goals for the time after your stay and for your next stay with us. You will certainly travel home with newly acquired energy and confidence.