BUCHINGER Fasten mit einer Heilfastenkur

Buchinger fasting following the original method

Since 1920

Fasting following the BUCHINGER method means far more than just refraining from solid foods for a certain length of time. After our founder Dr Otto Buchinger had treated himself successfully with therapeutic fasting for a rheumatic condition, the foundation for the BUCHINGER original method was laid. Fasting enables the body to trigger self-cleansing processes and to activate the body’s own healing powers. We at the BUCHINGER clinic follow a holistic approach which, in addition to fasting, combines exercise and relaxation supervised by medical experts and supports our guests in achieving a mindful lifestyle. Our team of doctors, therapists and psychologists will support your inspiring journey through the senses – so you can reach your very individual and personal goals.

Therapeutic fasting leads us inwards, to our inner self.

Dr Verena Buchinger-Kähler


  • Why undergo therapeutic fasting?
  • How does the therapeutic buchinger fasting method work?
  • Fasting using the buchinger method – the holistic approach
  • the process and references

Why undergo therapeutic fasting?

Fasting following the buchinger method – good for your body, mind and soul

Before the start of their therapeutic fasting retreat, our guests have various reasons and goals as to why they decide to abstain from food and drink for a while. These reasons can be therapy, prevention or the wish to achieve a more conscious body awareness.

Therapeutic fasting works in multiple dimensions, it affects more than just our organs and works on a medical, spiritual and psychosocial level. This way metabolic disorders such as diabetes, gout and excess weight or cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and migraine can be treated. BUCHINGER fasting stimulates the metabolism and the body gets rid of harmful substances.

In a fast-moving world, a therapeutic fasting retreat means coming to a measured standstill. At the BUCHINGER clinic, our guests learn to see their body in new ways, learning to be more aware of their body and listening to it. In addition to the medical benefits, BUCHINGER fasting has other positive effects: Therapeutic fasting increases the release of endorphins and reduces inflammation resulting in less pain. Concentration is sharpened, energy levels are increased, the overall mood is lifted.

Therapeutic fasting helps to form a lasting understanding of a healthy diet and encourages us to reconsider what we consume. Ultimately, a holistic cleanse is taking place. BUCHINGER fasting means the healing journey to yourself – at all times supported by our team of doctors, therapists and psychologists.

From metabolism disorders to respiratory and skin diseases: BUCHINGER fasting stands out through a wide range of treatments.

Metabolism disorders
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Gout
  • Dyslipidemia
  • High uric acid levels
  • Arteriosclerosis (atheroma)
  • Fatty liver
  • Excess weight
  • Bluthochdruck
  • Moderate Durchblutungsstörungen
  • Migräne
Krankheiten des Verdauungssystems
  • Reizmagensyndrom
  • Chronische Verstopfung (Obstipation)
  • Morbus Crohn
  • Colitis Ulcerosa
  • Gallenwegserkrankungen
  • Nahrungsmittelallergien
  • Schuppenflechte (Psoriasis)
  • Arthritis
  • Akne
  • Allergische Hautkrankheiten (z. B. Nesselsucht)
  • Neurodermitis
Erkrankungen des Bewegungsapparats
  • Gelenk- und Weichteilrheumatismus (Rheuma)
  • Verschleiß-Arthrosen
  • Degenerative Wirbelsäulenerkrankungen
  • Beschwerden am Muskel- und Bandapparat
  • Bronchialasthma (allergischer und nicht allergischer Ursache)
  • Saisonale Rhinitis (Heuschnupfen)
  • Nasennebenhöhlen-Entzündungen
Erschöpfungszustände und psychosomatische Störungen
  • Depressive Verstimmungen
  • Menopausale oder klimakterische Beschwerden
  • Nervöses Verhalten
  • Schlafstörungen
  • Psychovegetative Erschöpfung
  • Burn-out-Syndrom
  • Störung des Immunsystems
BUCHINGER Heilfasten tut der Seele gut

Buchinger fasting is good for your soul

Thanks to therapeutic fasting – healthy in body and mind

It’s not only the physical benefits that are associated with BUCHINGER fasting. A healthy body is simply happier. Therapeutic fasting is good for your soul and a proven means of combating depression and other mental disorders. Because people are content when they feel happy in their own skin. Being conscious of what you eat, a positive mood and a feeling of “being at one with oneself” lead to new and enabling life energy. One shines from within and regains new courage.

Weight loss as a positive side effect

Fasting using the BUCHINGER method is not a diet that is intended to lose weight. It is more a positive side effect of therapeutic fasting. We support our guests in gaining a healthy sense of body awareness and focus on treating the symptoms of diseases. BUCHINGER fasting strengthens the self-efficacy: Our guests find themselves and learn to manage their body and interact with their environment in a respectful and mindful way. The strength and perseverance gained will continue to have an effect for a long time after the end of fasting and will positively influence other areas of life.

Sustainably. For a better quality of life.

How does the therapeutic buchinger fasting method work?

Fasting for the strengthening of self-efficacy

BUCHINGER fasting is a deceleration for body and mind and is an interplay of exercise and relaxation. When engaged in therapeutic fasting, we reflect on the most important things and strengthen our awareness and self-efficacy. Fresh air, nature and alternative therapies such as yoga or an early barefoot walk through the morning dew support our guests’ individual therapy success and help to achieve a lasting healthy and conscious lifestyle – even a long time after their stay at the BUCHINGER fasting clinic.

BUCHINGER Heilfasten die Anamnese

The anamnesis

After it has been determined during the initial consultation that therapeutic fasting is a suitable method to improve your health, together with you we will develop your individual goal for your stay.

BUCHINGER Heilfasten der Behandlungsplan und die Vorbereitung

Before starting the therapeutic fasting programme – treatment plan and preparation

Guests who would like to fast using the BUCHINGER method will be accompanied by a team of experienced doctors and therapists. Together, we will develop your personal treatment plan. Depending on the reason and goal, the different treatments will be combined and applied. Medical consultation, exercise and physical activity, as well as accompanying medical therapies, form part of the therapeutic fasting programme and will support you in achieving your goals.
Our chefs will prepare you for the fasting phase with light food.
Intestinal cleansing will commence the fasting phase.

BUCHINGER Heilfasten die Heilfastenphase

The therapeutic fasting phase

Fasting using the BUCHINGER method is not a “starvation diet”. During the therapeutic fasting phase you will have comforting teas, nutrition-rich organic vegetable broths made to our original recipe as well as fruit and vegetable juices. Exercise and relaxation play a supporting role and are an essential part of the BUCHINGER therapeutic fasting programme. So our guests feel comfortable during their treatments, we also place great emphasis on inner and outer well-being. Meditation, cosmetic treatments, massages and supporting therapies are there to help you to let go.

BUCHINGER Heilfasten das Fastenbrechen und der Wiedereinstieg

After the therapeutic fasting phase – breaking the fast and your new beginning

The end of the BUCHINGER fasting programme is introduced with the breaking of the fast – traditionally celebrated with an apple and the award of a fasting certificate. Then we will accompany you step by step on your path to a healthy and complete diet. With products from controlled organic farming, carefully prepared by our chefs.

BUCHINGER Heilfasten Wie funktioniert Heilfasten
BUCHINGER Heilfasten Wie funktioniert Heilfasten

Buchinger fasting – more than just abstaining

“When fasting, the mind mustn’t be starved,” was the belief of Dr Otto Buchinger. That is why we complement the therapeutic fasting process with exercise, rest and stimulation for the mind. Awareness during BUCHINGER fasting is expanded by refreshing forest walks, mutual controlled breathing during meditation and by listening to the sounds that surround us. Through the harmony of these elements, therapeutic fasting delivers its regenerating effect. We provide the space and the opportunity to explore oneself and to reflect. Then our guests can return to their daily routines refreshed and are able to feed from this inspiring journey for a long time.

Fasting using the BUCHINGER method – the holistic approach

The human being as an individual

We regard the human being as a unit of body, mind and soul. The holistic approach of the BUCHINGER method is based on a multi-dimensional therapy concept and rests on a holistic medical approach. The BUCHINGER therapeutic fasting method belongs to the strongest natural detox therapies. The goal of the BUCHINGER fasting process is the cleansing of both body and mind. Self-healing powers are stimulated through therapeutic fasting so that our guests can contribute to their own therapy success themselves. Using medical consultations and a broad range of conventional medical treatments, we also offer our guests additional and supporting medical, physical and manual therapies. Our portfolio comprises extensive offers for exercise and physical activity as well as professional nutrition and health consultations. This is complemented by numerous contemplative courses such as meditation, tai chi, qigong, yoga and our selected wellness and cosmetic treatments. After their BUCHINGER fasting retreat, our guests will feel strengthened in both body and mind. Filled with energy and vitality, the return to the daily routine will be a success.

Therapeutic fasting using the buchinger method – fasting as a therapy: a multidimensional therapy concept

Life circumstances change, personal development is good and desired. But one thing always remains the same and is a constant – the human organism. Many disorders that our guests present with have developed through a lack of exercise, an unhealthy diet and the daily stresses of life. Our professional BUCHINGER team knows about the comprehensive interdependency of body, mind and soul, and that a human being is never affected in only one way by an illness. Our holistic approach using BUCHINGER fasting combines exercise, medical treatments, contemplation, diet and aesthetics.

In addition to objective and conventional medical criteria, the personality and psychosocial environment of our guests is also given much attention during the therapeutic fasting process. Meetings with our psychological consultants help our guests to break old habits and to question automatic behaviours so new ways of looking at things can be developed. We also combine our therapeutic fasting process with classic medical methods as well as treatments from alternative medicine that are based on the stimulus-response principle. Our guests learn to be aware of their organism and how to listen to inner signals. The BUCHINGER fasting programme also entails nutrition therapy as an important component of the treatment concept. Through regular consultation, classes in the training kitchen as well as seasonal and regional products from controlled organic farming enable our guests to achieve a greater awareness and understanding of foods. Finally, exercise forms an essential part of the BUCHINGER philosophy. Fasting in combination with a daily, balanced activity programme is crucial. Dancing, Pilates or cycling – alone or in a group. We develop an individual exercise plan for our guests. Because alternating activity and rest supports the gentle cleansing and healing of the body.

Therapeutic fasting – the process and references

Holistic therapeutic fasting – the process following the buchinger method

Many people are unfamiliar with therapeutic fasting. In order to answer important questions and address any uncertainties you may have before your arrival at the clinic, we want to give you an insight into the process of therapeutic fasting at the BUCHINGER clinic.

What can you expect? Which treatments will you be able to enjoy? What spiritual states of mind will you experience?

Each individual reacts differently to therapeutic fasting. The process, phases and emotional states of mind, however, are often experienced in a similar way. It goes without saying that the entire team at the BUCHINGER clinic will be at your side and support you during the fasting programme. The process, activities and your nutrition will be aligned to your personal goals.

Phase 1 of the fasting process

Buchinger Heilfasten Phase1 01

The Anamnesis

At the clinic:
Following your arrival and check-in, our nurses will admit you to the clinic. If you arrive before 5 p.m. on a working day, the admission by your doctor will follow straight after. After a comprehensive physical consultation (the anamnesis), we will develop a treatment plan for the BUCHINGER fasting programme together with you according to your needs and your goals. The nature of the process, the treatment plan and your preparation for the therapeutic fasting phase will be presented to you by your doctor.

Phase 2 of the therapeutic fasting process

Buchinger Heilfasten Ablauf Phase 2

The treatment plan and preparation

At the clinic:
Each day, a new plan will be sent to your room. This will provide you with inspiration and also describe any additional activities or therapeutic treatments that are available to you, so that you can plan your day.

In order to enable you to achieve your agreed personal targets and aims in the best way possible, your doctor will be happy to support you and help you to focus on your objectives. After all, you should have a feeling of “being at one with oneself” and listen to your physical and emotional needs when fasting. The first days are particularly important. Medical support, exercise and physical activity, as well as accompanying medical therapies, will aid you on this journey.

During the pre-cleansing days, our chefs will prepare you for the fasting phase with light meals. Intestinal cleansing will commence the therapeutic fast. In the following days, blood samples will be taken and further medical consultations will take place. Your doctor will discuss the results of these checks in detail with you during the fasting programme.

In body and mind:
The greatest adjustment your body will undergo will be during the first days of fasting, as it will have to adjust to its new energy sources. From quickly metabolising readily available sugar, your body will have to adapt to initially unusual sources of nutrition, from which it is slightly harder to generate energy. Generally, this change lasts 1 to 3 days. During that time, be prepared to feel tired and more easily exhausted physically. Perhaps you will feel cold more quickly and experience slight sensations of hunger. If, prior to your visit, you regularly consumed specific things to excess, such as coffee or sugar, headaches and some physical discomfort may also occur, which are signs of withdrawal. No matter which of these symptoms you experience, talk to us. We can help and support you, so that your fasting runs as smoothly and as positively as possible.

Phase 3 of the therapeutic fasting process

Buchinger Heilfasten Ablauf Phase 3

The therapeutic fasting phase

At the clinic:
On the basis of your medical results, you and your doctor will optimise your personal treatment plan and reflect on how the first days were for you and discuss what lies ahead. Your physical condition will allow you to plan excursions through the Weser Uplands or take part in daily activities. Please let us know if you would like us to organise anything for you. Your body will have arrived at a fasting metabolism now. During the therapeutic fasting phase you will drink comforting teas, nutrition-rich organic vegetable broths made to our original recipe, as well as fruit and vegetable juices. We place great emphasis on inner and outer well-being. Meditation, cosmetic treatments, massages and supporting therapies are there to help you to let go.

In body and mind:
In phase three of the therapeutic fasting process, you will leave insecurities and physical discomforts behind. You won’t feel hungry anymore. Body and mind feel light, you have room to think, and you can focus and concentrate fully and with complete awareness on achieving your goals – no matter what they may be. You will feel strong and cleansed – some people even experience a real “fasting high”. The decrease in aches and any discomfort triggers a feeling of euphoria – even a feeling of being set free. Towards the end of the fasting programme, however, it might be the case that you experience a feeling of physical weakness again. Always talk to your doctor as well your nurse about the signals your body is sending you. You are not alone.

Phase 4 of the therapeutic fasting process

Buchinger Heilfasten Ablauf Phase 4

Breaking the fast and your new beginning

At the clinic:
This is the final phase of the BUCHINGER fasting method. The aim of the process towards the end of the fast is to develop a nutrition plan together with one of our nutrition consultants, in order to secure the effects of the fasting programme for the long term. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and to set a focus. You will also have a final consultation with your doctor shortly before your departure, to outline your path following your stay and to clarify any uncertainties or answer any questions you may have. Your doctor will support you on your path to a new beginning and to a life that you will determine for yourself. The last aspect of the fasting process is the breaking of the fast – traditionally celebrated with an apple and the awarding of a fasting certificate. We will then accompany you step by step on your path to a healthy and complete diet, with products from controlled organic farming, carefully prepared by our chefs.

In body and mind:
This is the final stage of the fasting process. You will notice a sharpening of your senses. This can affect your perceptions and emotions. It is a good to listen more to your inner needs – and it will help to ensure the lasting success of what you have achieved during the fasting programme at the BUCHINGER clinic. A fasting diary may be of help in determining your future plans, to identify your goals and reaffirm how you would like to shape your life and/or your diet. During this journey to your new self, it is especially important to remember what you have learned and to listen to your body. In this way, therapeutic fasting will become a life-changing experience and represent the beginning of a new, self-determined and fulfilling life.