Heilfasten-Urlaub bei BUCHINGER in Bad Pyrmont

Surrounding and activities on a therapeutic fasting holiday

Activating trough movement – therapeutic fasting holidays in bad pyrmont

A walk in the spa gardens, an easy hike in Pyrmont Forest or an excursion into the surrounding Weser Uplands – if you long for peace and nature, choose a therapeutic fasting holiday. Healing springs, fortresses and castles make a fasting holiday at the BUCHINGER clinic an enriching experience. A morning walk gets your body and soul going. Later on, you can discover the flora and fauna in the Palm Garden, then play a round of golf in the neighbouring town of Lüdge. The entire BUCHINGER team is on hand to help you organise your day in Bad Pyrmont. Dr Otto Buchinger was clear from the start: “When fasting, the mind mustn’t be starved.” Bad Pyrmont nourishes your body, mind and soul.

Revitalise your body on a fasting holiday

Bad Pyrmont BUCHINGER Fastenklinik Golf


Bad Pyrmont Golf Club in the neighbouring village of Lüdge offers golf enthusiasts of all levels the ideal setting to pursue their passion at its renowned 18-hole course. A therapeutic fasting holiday builds concentration while allowing the body to rest. This can be very useful for golfers. On your fasting holiday, you can decide whether you want to play alone or in good company. You’ll get exercise in the fresh air, walking from tee to tee.

Bad Pyrmont BUCHINGER Fastenklinik Tennis


Fancy a quick rally on a clay or ash court during your fasting holiday? Bad Pyrmont is a paradise for tennis fans. You can play at any of three different locations. Tennis exercises your legs, arms and torso. It trains your coordination and increases stamina, keeping you physically as well as mentally fit.

Bad Pyrmont BUCHINGER Fastenklinik Wandern

Walking trails

Bad Pyrmont is ideal for therapeutic fasting holidays. A network of walking trails criss-crosses the town – from short routes that lift the spirits, to full day outings. The best way to discover the spa town, the Weser Uplands and the woodlands is on foot, with the sound of birdsong in your ears and fresh air filling your lungs. Alone or in company – walking gets the circulation going and is great for your stamina. If you enjoy a good view, we recommend you climb the nearby Spelunkenturm tower, from where you can see far into the distance and right across the whole of Bad Pyrmont.

Bad Pyrmont BUCHINGER Fastenklinik Ausdauersport

Endurance sports

Nordic walking, running, cycling, swimming – there’s so much to choose from. The Weser Uplands area and Pyrmont Forest are ideal settings for exercise. Alone, in a pair or in a group, outdoor exercise gets your whole system going and strengthens your cardiovascular system, and fresh air clears your mind. Exercise warms and invigorates, releases endorphins and lifts your mood. It augments the positive mental and physical effects of fasting, so it’s an important part of a fasting holiday.

Buchinger Bild Nordic Walking 01

Nordic Walking

Nordic walking strengthens your lower and upper body at the same time. It combines endurance sports with strength, and the fresh air has an invigorating effect. You can do it in a group, in a pair or alone. Choose the route, pace and exertion level you prefer. Nordic walking is a low-impact activity that can be learned by people of all ages.

Buchinger Bild Running 01


Leisurely or fast – running gets your whole system going. It strengthens your cardiovascular system, stimulates your metabolism and burns a lot of calories. Increased blood flow also supplies your brain with more oxygen, which helps you perform better all round. Running makes you happy. It frees your mind.

Buchinger Bild Cycling 01


A breeze in your face and the world whizzing by: cycling is great, whether as a sport or just as a means of seeing the area. Riding a bicycle is easy on the joints and widens your range, so you can explore more distant destinations. And e-bikes with built-in motors allow people with physical disabilities to enjoy cycling again also.

Buchinger Bild Swimming 01


Glide almost weightlessly in the water. Feel your body’s strength with every stroke of your legs and arms. Swimming is special. No other exercise reminds us so immediately of the body’s abilities. There’s something almost primal about gliding through all-enveloping water and leaving a wake as you go. Finishing off with a sauna vitalises and refreshes.

Refresh your mind on a fasting holiday

Bad Pyrmont BUCHINGER Fastenklinik Heilquellen

Healing springs

Hyllige Born, Helenenquelle and Friedrichsquelle are just some of the healing springs that are the reason for Pyrmont’s existence as a spa. During your fasting holiday, you can take a walk and discover the various springs. In total, seven healing springs bubble up out of the ground here and are used for baths and mineral water treatments.

Bad Pyrmont Kurpark

Spa gardens

One of the largest uninterrupted parks in Germany, the spa gardens run through the entire town of Bad Pyrmont. Spend your therapeutic fasting holiday here and enjoy an atmosphere of freedom and variety. On your fasting holiday, watch the hustle and bustle over a cup of tea in the Telemann Garden before enlivening your senses on the Barefoot Trail. The Art Trail serves as a stage for regional and national artists. Marvel at impressive works of art from the past one hundred years during your therapeutic fasting holiday.

Bad Pyrmont Palmengarten

Palm garden

Tropical trees and palms grow under the open sky in the Palm Garden, coaxing your imagination to run free. The Palm Garden is an oasis of tranquillity and the centrepiece of the spa gardens. Originally created as a French garden, five hundred different potted tropical plants and more than fifty tropical plant varieties now grow here. It is the largest palm garden of its kind north of the Alps. That is why Bad Pyrmont is also known as the “oasis beneath palms”.

Bad Pyrmont Dunsthöhle

Vapour cave

On Helvetius Hill, on the site of a former quarry, is the Dunsthöhle (Vapour Cave), where carbon dioxide flows out of the rock. This unusual phenomenon was discovered in the 17th century by Dr Johann Philipp Seip. During their therapeutic fasting holiday, visitors can marvel at the interplay of gas and air in this unique natural phenomenon.

Liberate your soul on a fasting holiday

Bad Pyrmont BUCHINGER Fastenklinik Weserbegland

Weser uplands

Enjoy the view of the Weser Valley, cycle along the river’s banks or take a walk. Sixteen towns and ten historical sites offer fascinating tours that are geographically and culturally very diverse. The castles of Fürstenberg, Bückeburg and Hämelschenburg will take you back to the time of princes and emperors during your fasting holiday.

Bad Pyrmont Schloss Pyrmont

Pyrmont Castle

An absolute must on every therapeutic fasting holiday agenda is a visit to Pyrmont Castle, which houses a museum. It forms the cultural centre of the town. The building dates from the 18th century and was the residence of the counts of Spiegelberg and Waldeck-Pyrmont. Marvel at the town’s history and the museum’s collections. A café in the former Commandant’s House invites you to linger.

Kurort Bad Pyrmont

Bad Pyrmont

The spa town will be your home away from home during your therapeutic fasting holiday. This traditional Staatsbad, which means an officially recognised spa town, features enchanting avenues and urban architecture. The historic Hauptallee road, Brunnenstraße and the old town beckon you to take a stroll and discover. Visit the Hyllige Born spring and you’ll see why Pyrmont enjoyed a reputation as the “Spa of the Princes” in the 18th century.