Medizinisches stationäres Heilfasten mit ärztlicher Betreuung bei BUCHINGER

Our team – therapeutic fasting with medical supervision

You're in the best hands

The BUCHINGER Team transforms inpatient therapeutic fasting into a therapeutic fasting holiday. Our team is dedicated entirely to your well-being during your stay at our fasting clinic. We love to accompany our guests on their own personal journeys of the senses. As well as BUCHINGER fasting, we also offer manual therapies. Therapeutic fasting with medical supervision has never been so pleasurable. You will experience attentive care and warm geniality each and every day. That’s because we love what we do and what we are. We consider our profession a calling and the task of helping others as our purpose in life. We’re pioneers. We invigorate. We’re authentic.

Petra Ehle
A smile costs nothing

Petra Ehle

trained hotel professional, responsible for service at the BUCHINGER clinic since 1989

When someone asks me how long I’ve been working in our clinic, I have to smile to myself. Since 1989! It would never have been possible if I hadn’t had such a great team by my side right from the outset. The family atmosphere here is truly unique, and our guests who do inpatient therapeutic fasting with us say the same thing.

My position: Service

What it entails: I take care of all the services we provide for our guests, and stock management

What I can't do without: Teamwork

What I love about my work: The fascinating conversations and the team spirit

What I especially like about BUCHINGER: The family atmosphere and long tradition

Thomas Schmodter Buchinger Team
The journey is the destination

Thomas Schmodter

certified physiotherapist, masseur and medical bath supervisor. He has been looking after the physical well-being of guests at the BUCHINGER clinic since 2019.

Guests who come for therapeutic fasting under medical supervision are always in the best of hands with me. I’ve been doing this for 30 years. In addition to conventional massage techniques and Penzel acupuncture massage, I offer our guests Ayurveda treatments, reflexology and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massages, amongst other things.

My position: Physiotherapist, masseur, medical bath supervisor

What it entails: I design treatment plans and administer therapies

What I can’t do without: Enthusiasm at work and the ability to empathise

What I love about my work: The independence I am given

What I especially like about BUCHINGER: Our expertise and the friendly team

Nicole Schnittger Buchinger Team
A day wihout a smile is a day wasted

Nicole Retzlaff

certified dietician, health and social manager. She has been creating nutrition plans and maintaining standards at the BUCHINGER clinic since 2017.

I previously worked as a dietician, then I trained in health and social management. What I strive for is to offer our inpatient therapeutic fasting guests the very best every day, and to maintain our high quality standards. I like to organise things and make sure everything runs smoothly.

My position: Quality Manager, previously dietician

What it entails: I ensure that our standards are maintained so that our guests feel comfortable and well looked after from start to finish

What I can’t do without: Music

What I love about my work: The high quality standards and the daily opportunities

What I especially like about BUCHINGER: The open-minded, family atmosphere

Janine Reese Buchinger Team
Avoid negative people. They have a problem for every solution

Janine Reese

trained medical assistant. She has been looking after the well-being of guests at the BUCHINGER clinic since 2012

We support our guests who are at the BUCHINGER clinic for inpatient therapeutic fasting and we’re always at their side. I aim to assist our guests in the best possible way during their time here and ensure their general well-being.

My position: Medical Assistant

What it entails: I look after the well-being of our guests and support the team of doctors in the lab

What I can’t do without: BUCHINGER and coffee

What I love about my work: You never know exactly what to expect each day. Every day is full of surprises!

What I especially like about BUCHINGER: The friendly and helpful team

Hennin Schönwälder Buchinger Team
If you can do it today, don't put it off until tomorrow

Henning Schönwälder

trained chef. He has headed the kitchen team at the BUCHINGER clinic since 2018

As a chef trained in dietary science, I know what nutrients every person needs every day and what our guests need to pay attention to when undergoing therapeutic fasting with medical supervision. This job takes creativity and extensive knowledge, which is what excites me about my work with food and in the kitchen. It’s amazing how tasty a dish can be while being light at the same time.

My position: Head Chef

What it entails: I cook for our guests who are here for inpatient therapeutic fasting, and I plan our menus and our shopping

What I can’t do without: Food

What I love about my work: Conjuring up a tasty dish every day using spontaneity, creativity and just a few ingredients

What I especially like about BUCHINGER: The company’s sustainability philosophy and the family atmosphere

Angela Lesemann-Schmidt Buchinger Team
Love, peace and harmony

Angela Lesemann-Schmidt

certified masseuse and medical bath supervisor. She has been alleviating the tightness and knots in guests’ muscles at the BUCHINGER clinic since 1995

What I like most: by doing my work, I can make a contribution to the health of our guests who are fasting under medical supervision at the BUCHINGER clinic. Whether in a therapeutic sense or for their well-being in general, the health of our guests is what motivates me.

My position: Masseuse

What it entails: I ease our guests’ tensions and contribute to their well-being

What I can’t do without: My family and friends

What I love about my work: Interacting with our guests and helping them to stay healthy

What I especially like about BUCHINGER: The family tradition and the professional expertise in all areas