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Why choose therapeutic fasting?

Undergoing a course of therapeutic fasting treatment goes hand in hand with a certain degree of effort. This causes some people who have a lot of time commitments in their lives to question whether it is really worth going to such lengths, and what benefits can be reaped from this kind of treatment. There are many reasons why the original BUCHINGER therapeutic fasting treatment comes highly recommended.

It could be said that therapeutic fasting targets two positive effects in particular: Firstly, it can be applied therapeutically, that is to say, to alleviate tangible ailments. Secondly, it can also serve as a preventative measure and be used to avert the onset of such medical complaints.

Therapeutic Fasting is good for the soul

Our founder Dr. Otto Buchinger was the first who strongly emphasize the spiritual aspect of fasting. Today, the original BUCHINGER method is for many people a popular way of escaping the stresses of everyday life, to leave one’s cares behind and to gather one’s strength.

Therapeutic fasting also has a spiritual quality, which continues to have an affect long after the actual fast. Feeling physically better, more efficient and more vital are not unusual effects of taking a therapeutic fasting cure in Bad Pyrmont.

Weight loss – a positive side effect

There is one thing that therapeutic fasting is not designed to be: a weight-loss treatment. Even if weight loss does occur during the course of therapeutic fasting, this should not be considered as the main objective of the cure. In fact, we focus on treating the symptoms of illnesses and aim to teach you both how to have a better awareness of your body and how best to manage your health. Even your blood pressure will show drastic improvements after a treatment of therapeutic fasting. Overall, therapeutic fasting reaps rewards not only in the short-term, but through learning how to make lasting changes to your lifestyle, it can generate greater awareness of your body in the long run too.