Brain food – the right food for your mindset

The right mindset? Mindset has primarily to do with our inner attitude. With the right approach to life, we reduce our personal stress level and foster our resilience and energy. But with a balanced diet, we can also boost our dynamic thought processes and our energy. Taking a new approach and being good to ourselves often follow on automatically when we focus on the quality of our food, rather than the quantity.

While iron from animal foods unquestionably aids blood formation, a fresh salad of fennel, broccoli and flat-leaf parsley assures the supply of oxygen to our brain. Calcium, too, aids transmission of information in the synapses – not only dairy products, but also nuts and seeds, especially sesame, are veritable guarantors of calcium supply.

With the right foods, we can also influence our well-being. Carbohydrate intake increases the activity of our serotoenergic system, which is responsible for the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter. An increased release of serotonin can have a mood-lifting, appetite-suppressing and sleep-inducing effect. Although intake of carbohydrates increases the activity of the serotoenergic system, it does not, however, make everyone happier. That again depends on the initial state of the individual.

Heed your inner voice

The right mindset and a healthy diet can be a first step. By turning our attention to what we eat, we also refocus on the good things in life, the foods, thoughts and activities – and above all people – that do us good. Find out for yourself who or what is good for you personally and listen to your inner voice, which, in our fast-moving and often noisy world, can sometimes be difficult to hear. Escaping to a space that’s calm and peaceful can help to let that voice be heard. Therapeutic fasting gives you that space and creates new perspectives. Listen to your inner voice and become aware of what you really need. If you focus entirely on yourself, direct your attention only towards yourself and what is good, and your inner voice will become clearer again. Then you will feel more contented.