Mindfullness Übungen

Three mindfulness exercises for every day

Do you go about your day consciously?

Have you ever found yourself getting into your car, arriving at the parking lot, and then not knowing how you got there? It’s not uncommon to feel detached from things you do over and over again every day. But when you live on autopilot, you miss out on the beauty and gift of the present moment.

Do you eat consciously?

Put away your phone, turn off the TV and focus on yourself and what’s on your plate. Learn to appreciate the color, aroma, texture and taste of the food.

Also think about the person who carefully prepared it for you. Chew slowly and savor the taste. Don’t eat too quickly! Conscious eating also includes paying attention to your body’s hunger signals and knowing when you are already full.

Experience your body consciously

In addition to the physical benefits, mindfulness training can significantly improve your mood, help you focus better, and strengthen the connection between your mind and body. If distracting thoughts suddenly come to you while you’re jogging or lifting weights, refocus on your exercise, your body and your breathing.

Be conscious in dealing with others

Whether it’s your partner, children, siblings or parents, give them your full and undivided attention when you talk to them. Pause in what you are doing and devote yourself completely to them in that particular moment. Refrain from any judgment and simply listen to what they are saying. Listen to their thoughts sincerely and validate their feelings rather than having to counter them with arguments.