Winter Wonderland

With gratitude and optimism into the new year

Dear Friends, dear Guests,

Another year lies behind us that turned out to be not what we were expecting. We will probably take the feelings of worry and uncertainty, as well as having to endure continual changes, into the coming year. However, it is important to listen to these emotions, as each emotion we experience is valid. If we allow ourselves to listen to our feelings we can feel at one with ourselves, and can acknowledge with love, clemency and gratitude how much we have already achieved together. People that only see what has to be accomplished and never take the time to look with pride at the things they have achieved are unhappy.
Advent is a wonderful time to take stock. We are responsible for our own path – that is our task on earth. We have to take the chance to do this in order to discover our potential, our strength, so that we can shine and bring light into the world. Stay optimistic and hold on to love – it is what unites us.
With this in mind, my family and I sincerely wish you a peaceful festive season. We look forward to seeing you again in 2022. Full of goodwill, health and a strong sense of optimism.
All the best,
Your Buchinger family