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The clinic

At the BUCHINGER clinic we have been welcoming guests for almost 100 years.  Just as the method has been enhanced and refined over time, our building has been adapted according to the changing needs. From 1935 onwards the clinic was located in the heart of the old spa town of Bad Pyrmont. Guests that came here found the conditions to be ideal for a restorative residency and, in addition, were able to enjoy the choice of cultural offerings.

In the 1960s the clinic moved to the southern part of the town, a location with direct access to the woods and views of the surrounding Weserbergland.  

Our clinic consists of 2 buildings that offer around 90 comfortable rooms. Our comprehensive offering of sport and leisure activities as well as our competent staff add to the well-being of our guests. The clinic offers superior comfort when it comes to its single rooms, double rooms for couples and suites. We try our best to meet individual needs in regard to the configuration of the rooms. When choosing your room, you can decide whether you prefer to be in the Haupthaus or the Blumenhaus – both houses offer the same level of comfort and are connected below ground: this allows our guests to move between the buildings, even in inclement weather conditions.

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Doctors & Therapists

Our team is there to look after you during your entire stay. Our experienced doctors will advise you at the start of your residency and will assist you medically throughout the cure. Our therapists and nutritional advisors will ensure your stay with us is both effective and informative. Our teams are specialized in holistic methods that offer both relaxation and activity.


Sourrounding area & activities

Our clinic is located in the health resort Bad Pyrmont. Since centuries, guests have come here to enjoy our mineral springs. The palm garden is a popular attraction of our city, as well as the Weserbergland with it's walking pathes and sightseeings.



Because of the fact that Bad Pyrmont accommodates a lot of guests we have a considerable variety of cultural choices. You con listen to specific lectures. Music lovers are welcome to visit the local concerts. Or you can visit our local theatre oder cinema.