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Physical therapies

Physical therapy is largely intended to be used as a form pain relief. It includes a range of methods, some of which are similar to normal massages, and others of which require additional equipment for the treatment to be carried out.

We use the techniques derived from physical therapy on the one hand to relieve any ailments, and on the other hand to strengthen your body and send you back to your everyday life with a new vitality.

Sauna & Steam baths

The perspiration inducing effect of a sauna session assists the cleansing of the body during fasting…


Dew Cure

Start the day with a vitalising barefoot walk on the dewy grass of the clinic gardens…


Herbal & Therapeutic Baths

Warm, humid air expands the airways and encourages circulation…


Kneipp treatments

Classical Kneipp water treading treatment promotes both venous and arterial circulation. This means that Kneipp treatments help you to avoid varicose veins and migraines, and may even help you to fall asleep. Kneipp cures are therefore a perfect means of helping you relax during your stay at our fasting clinic.


Peat & Mud packs

Peat baths are a true Bad Pyrmont tradition: The high temperature of the peat causes the body temperature to rise slightly, which strengthens the immune system and activates the hormone system. The metabolism is also stimulated by a peat bath. Humic acids are contained in peat, and these have an anti-inflammatory effect which provides the body with additional protection.