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Medical Advice

The fundamental principle of the BUCHINGER therapeutic fasting cure is our medical all-round care: After a thorough anamnesis and examination, our doctors together with yourself, decide on whether a therapeutic fast or a calorie-reduced diet is the best for you. Your stay at the BUCHINGER clinic is accompanied by regular consultations so that your therapeutic treatments may be adjusted or supplemented at any time.

The treatment you receive from our medical team is based on orthodox and naturopathic aspects.We offer you an extensive selection of check ups, consultations and treatment recommendations and, if required, even a potential referral to a specialist.

Our doctors are there for you
Medical offers

Offers, our doctors provide to our guests:

Anamnesis, treatment plan

Lab diagnostics

Ultrasound examination

ECG/Stress ECG

Pulmonary function test


Medical check-ups and clinical diagnostics (in cooperation with medical centres)

Stool examinations to determine food intolerance or analysis of microbiome