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Yoga & Pilates

Our therapists can offer a range of options to aid with your relaxation. You have the opportunity to take part in Ivengar yoga courses, which teach special yoga exercises (asanas) designed to involve the whole body. These asanas focus primarily on precision and perfect alignment, and also incorporate a special breathing technique. Assistive devices allow every individual, even those with physical or health-related limitations, to carry out the exercises precisely so that the full benefits can be felt. By improving your posture and breathing, Ivengar yoga enables you to discover your inner self and to regulate the energy flows within your body.

Pilates allows you to exercise muscle groups in your body that otherwise often go unused. Pilates concentrates particularly on activating carefully targeted individual muscle groups, for which it is vital to coordinate your breathing with your physical movements. These methods will boost your sense of relaxation and help you find your way back to a healthy posture.