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Exercises and physical mobilization

Exercising is an important component of the BUCHINGER fasting cure philosophy. A balanced programme of activities forms an essential part of of your stay with us: Alternating periods of activity and recovery support the gentle cleansing and healing of your body. Furthermore, it is our aim to train your muscle memory so that you find it easier to stay active once you return home.

Our spa area offers a swimming pool, modern gym facilities and a room to practice gymnastics as well as many different courses. Our therapists and trainers will develop a personalized training plan for you.  

Outdoor Training: Walking, Cycling, Nordic Walking

We offer group activities or guided walks where our guides focus on your fitness level whilst making sure that you learn all the interesting facts about the surrounding area.


Aqua gymnastics, aqua jogging & swimming

Make use of our swimming pool – whether you prefer lane swimming or taking part in our aqua course – physical activity in water has specific benefits...


Breathing Therapy & Breathing Gymnastics

The Breathing Therapy according to Brüne focusses on strengthening the diaphragm to encourage optimal movement of the bone structures around it …


Personal Training & Supervised Gym Training

If you are seeking to improve your level of fitness under qualified supervision, you can call on our personal trainers …


Medical Training Therapy (MTT)

The Medical Training Therapy (MTT) is one of the most important services that all guests receive at our clinic…


Pelvic Floor Exercises

This course conveys interesting information around this often-neglected area, and offers helpful tips for daily routine…


The Feldenkrais Method

Feldenkrais is an effective method that helps re-organise our bodies through a sequence of simple, effortless movements…


Yoga & Pilates

Our therapists can offer a range of options to aid with your relaxation: You have the opportunity to take part in Ivengar yoga courses, which teach special yoga exercises (asanas) designed to involve the whole body. Pilates allows you to exercise muscle groups in your body that otherwise often go unused.



Putting the fun in movement – that is what our dance class offers…


Tai Chi

Taijiquan shadow boxing, usually shortened to Tai Chi, is the national sport of China. Originally used as a martial art for unarmed close range combat, it combines meditation with gymnastics. In this way, it can improve your physical well-being.