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Skin Vitality Checks, Diagnosis & Cures

Our cosmetics department offers a range of high quality, cosmetic treatments –
please consult our experienced beauticians to find just the right treatment for your personal needs:

Skin Diagnosis:

Using “high tech” skin analysis equipment, with x 80 zoom, it is easy for our specialists to recognise the condition of your skin in depth. The skin analysis assesses the current state of any wrinkles, sebum, pores, pigmentation, fat and the moisture content of your skin.

Vitality Check (including treatment)

Book our Skin Vitality Check – you will be astonished by the results: a “blood circulation” mask is used initially to identify hidden nutrient deficiencies in your skin and the Vitality Check supports this skin assessment. The cosmetic aftercare treatment concentrates on building up the specific deficits found in your skin Vitality Check.

Babor Classic

Each person is different – the same as our skin. We will indulge you with exactly the skin care you require. You will receive a deep tissue cleansing and peeling treatment which is complimentary to your own particular skin type and your specific needs. Following the cleansing treatment, we will pamper you with a luxury ampule and a self-dispensing moisturising mask. Your skin care programme will be completed with a relaxing lymph stimulation massage.

Stress Crash-Cure

Our Stress Crash-Cure is suitable for all skin types, ages and seasons: The treatment is efficient and has a long-lasting effect. We offer this therapy to promote good health in the “build up” process towards the end of your stay, or as a cosmetic care programme for stressed or challenging skin conditions, including unhealthy or inflamed skin.

Pampering & Revitalising Treatment

Have you recently felt that you have no energy or that your skin is completely stressed out?
Experience this pleasantly revitalising treatment, where your skin is pampered and cleansed and you will relax completely during an extensive and stimulating lymph follicle massage.

Babor Deluxe Signature Treatment

A pleasant treatment using the exclusive Sea-telligent Complex, whose Protein Glycoceane GP3, reduces wrinkles and deep-set lines at the same time as stabilizing skin tissue. In combination with Babor Thermophilus, these products extensively regenerate and protect your skin. Green Caviar Algae Extract increases skin elasticity and remodels the contours of the face.