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Calming Down & Relaxation

How you choose to spend the periods of rest recommended in the fasting plan is entirely up to you; our team of therapists is on hand to provide you with various forms of relaxation. These include a range of different methods borrowed from the traditional healing arts of the Far East as well as other proven techniques such as Progressive Muscle Relaxation or Autogenic Training. All techniques will help you find peace and tranquillity and can be practiced long after your stay with us has come to an end.


Spending 20 minutes per day in Meditative Training significantly improves cognitive skills such as awareness and concentration …


Progressive muscle relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson’s principles is a method in which the tensing and relaxing of different muscles creates a calming effect …


Autogenic Training

Autogenic Training is a form of relaxation that is based on autosuggestion – a form of self-hypnosis …



Qigong originates from the Orient and is based on a sequence of movements made up of breathing exercises, body movements, concentration and meditation exercises …