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The holistic buchinger approach

At the Dr Buchinger Clinic in Bad Pyrmont, we pursue an integrated (holistic) approach, which means we employ natural healing processes to complement the findings of ‘conventional’ medicine. Only through this approach can our doctors and therapists develop a comprehensive understanding of the interactions between your body, mind and soul. We are moreover deeply committed to helping our guests learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

This includes understanding what constitutes a balanced diet and how to prepare foodstuffs with care. However, physical activity, both at home and outdoors in nature, is just as important as a healthy diet. It is only through a combination of a healthy diet and regular physical activity that our body can be in harmony in the long term. We can help you to find your perfect personal balance so that, through a healthy combination of diet and exercise, you can enjoy a renewed sense of physical well-being for a long time to come.

Aspects of holistic medicine

It is common knowledge that the human body has changed very little over the last several thousand years, but that the circumstances in which we live have altered dramatically. Many commonplace ailments, often referred to as lifestyle diseases, are caused by factors such as

  • a lack of exercise
  • poor nutrition (fast foods, genetically modified food etc.)
  • high stress levels.

Our doctors and therapists are well-versed in the profound interactions between the body, mind and soul, which means we are able to focus our attention on the personality and psycho-social environment of our guests as well as the more objective criteria of conventional medicine. After all, it is very rare for only one part of the body to be affected by an ailment.

The methods we employ to complement the therapeutic fasting itself always combine classical medical procedures with treatments sourced from alternative medicine, which thus include natural healing processes and traditional Chinese medicine. Dietetic therapy is furthermore an integral part of our treatment strategy. We attach great importance to providing consistent advice and offering courses in our teaching kitchen using seasonal and regional ingredients sourced from regulated, organic producers. To supplement our nutrition counselling, we also offer a plethora of exercise programmes and can draw up exercise plans for our guests that are tailored to their individual constitution.

Ultimately, the underlying approach of the original BUCHINGER method is focussed around activating the body’s natural capacity for self-healing. In his book ‘Therapeutic Fasting’, Dr Otto Buchinger described the effects of fasting thus: “… experience (shows) that maladies disappear, leaving behind only what is healthy’. The BUCHINGER method has remained faithful to this principle ever since.

Re-centre yourself

Through our holistic approach, we can help you to find your internal equilibrium once more. The BUCHINGER therapeutic fasting method, with its two contrasting components of exercise and recuperation, helps to achieve this. Our complementary treatment methods bring the beneficial effects of mother nature into play.

Air, light, warmth and cold play a role in many of our alternative treatment methods, and allow you to develop a heightened awareness of your body. The goal of a stay here with us is far more than just a short-term recovery from the stresses of every day life. Rather, by the end of your visit to our clinic, your body should feel stronger and you will leave us feeling better informed about how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

We have continually enhanced the BUCHINGER method in the spirit of the founder of the clinic, Dr Otto Buchinger, who considered the balance between the body, the mind and the soul to be the most important aspect of human well-being. In today’s fast-moving world, managing to return to this state of equilibrium is a truly restorative experience, and we can help you to enjoy just such an experience.

Our holistic offers


While partaking of a course of fasting therapy in our establishment, you will be able to enjoy treatments that have their origins in traditional Chinese medicine. These millennia-old healing arts combine natural ingredients with a holistic view of the human body. For this reason, TCM also performs a key role in Buchinger therapeutic fasting.


Exercises and sport

Exercise is a vital component of the BUCHINGER method. Our clinic therefore offers a multitude of activities to this end. You can choose between activities in the great outdoors or a wide range of options on the establishment’s premises.


Rest & Meditation

Rest periods are an integral element of the BUCHINGER method. Make the most of your stay at our clinic by learning relaxation techniques that you can take away with you to employ at home.



Warmth is an important factor in our overall sense of well-being. As a consequence, a whole range of therapies are based on the calming effect of warmer temperatures. In our establishment, we make use of these techniques to cater for your relaxation in the recuperation periods during the fasting period.



Through our team of experienced physiotherapists, we are able to offer you a range of classic physiotherapy treatments. The methods we use enable you to continue with physiotherapy even during the fasting period.


Physical therapies

Physical therapies are based on the stimulus-response theory. This process influences the body directly, either through pressure or electrical stimuli. We offer a broad spectrum of physical therapies.



Our portfolio contains a range of counselling options. We are happy to help if you have questions about your diet, would like to have a discussion with our psychologists, want to learn more about our whole food cuisine or have any other concerns.


Wellness & Beauty

Make the most of your therapeutic fast by enjoying a period of rest and recuperation, during which you listen to your body and your inner voice - decide for yourself what your body requires and what will best benefit your soul. Our wellness offers are intended to boost your sense of well-being and provide you with renewed energy.