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Buchinger therapeutic fasting

out of love for your body

The BUCHINGER therapeutic fasting clinic in Bad Pyrmont was founded in July 1920. After Dr Otto Buchinger I had improved upon existing fasting methods to relieve the effects of an illness from which he suffered, he went on to utilise his new insights in order to help others. He described fasting in a good atmosphere and under the experienced supervision of medical professionals as the ‘silver bullet of the healing arts’.

During a stay at our clinic, our patients can take a step back from the stresses of everyday life, charge their batteries and acquire invaluable experience of the principles of healthy eating. Our founder felt that an holistic approach was a key component of any treatment. As a result, every stay in the BUCHINGER therapeutic fasting clinic begins with a medical consultation with one of our specialist consultants.

The resulting medical history and initial examinations form the basis from which your individual treatment plan will be developed. Our doctors, therapists and nurses will look after you attentively for the duration of your fasting treatment. It is precisely this close medical support which ensures that our visitors are able to reap the health-related benefits of the original BUCHINGER therapeutic fasting method.

One of our main goals during your stay, however, is to deepen your understanding of the perception of the body, and of prevention and regeneration in such a way that you return to your everyday life with the resolve to maintain a sustainably healthy lifestyle.

The holistic approach of buchinger
Activity & Relaxation

Alternating periods of activity and rest is a vital factor in the success of your therapeutic fasting treatment. Through physical activity and stimuli, we learn once again how to listen to what our bodies are telling us. Physical activity in nature in particular - for example in the beautiful woods surrounding our clinic - strengthens the body’s defences and actively contributes to reducing stress levels. Our clinic offers wide-ranging opportunities for physical activity. Find out more

Periods of rest are, however, just as important for the body as physical activity. Given that fasting inevitably puts strain on the body, deliberate periods of rest become all the more important. Targeted relaxation exercises will help to harmonise the body, the mind and the soul. Regular colon cleansing is another component of the original Buchinger fasting method. Our doctors, nutritionists and therapists provide comprehensive care throughout the duration of the fast. By the end of your stay in the BUCHINGER Clinic in Bad Pyrmont, you will be ready to return to your day-to-day life feeling fully invigorated.

Our supplememtary offers
Exercise & sport

In order to guarantee sufficient exercise during the fasting period, we offer a diverse variety of options ranging from water aerobics to hiking.



As a counterbalance, we also offer our guests a selection of relaxation programmes, ranging from massages to meditation and even yoga...



Various forms of physical therapy are available for you to choose from, ranging from ayurveda massages to moor packs to underwater massages.


Psychological Counselling

Through individual discussions, our therapist can help you find ways to kick your old habits and return to daily life in a more positive frame of mind.


More information about the method

The original method

Dr Otto Buchinger developed his therapeutic fasting method after having treated himself for a rheumatic condition. Instead of prescribing a zero calorie diet, his therapeutic fasting treatment consisted of consuming nutritious liquids, such as vegetable broths and juices. He had discovered that a diet devoid of any calories at all had a detrimental effect on patients suffering from chronic illnesses.


Why choose therapeutic fasting?

Undergoing a course of therapeutic fasting treatment in Bad Pyrmont goes hand in hand with a certain amount of effort. This causes some people who have a lot of time commitments in their lives to question whether it is really worth going to such lengths, and what benefits can be reaped from this kind of treatment. There are many reasons why the original BUCHINGER therapeutic fasting treatment comes highly recommended.