Mind-Body-Medicine and increased mindfulness

From mind-body medicine, we know that an illness never affects only one part of the body. Instead, the human being is a unit of body, mind and soul. Apart from physical factors, our mind plays an important part in our health. A stressed mind is not clear, not focused, it adversely affects the functioning of our immune system – which can mean we are more prone to illnesses.

As a new form of stress treatment, mind-body medicine addresses stress factors in daily life that make us ill. Every day we work hard at being a parent, a manager, a counsellor and an individual at the same time. Stress, a hectic pace and insecurities affect our state of health negatively. However, we already carry an abundance of resources for our own health within us. These resources are there. They have been given to us by nature. One simply has to gain access to these resources time and again – and be clear about one’s own needs. A conscious way of life is the first step in the right direction. Mind-body medicine has been practiced here at the BUCHINGER clinic for several years and has become an integral component of our therapies. Yoga, meditation or qigong help our guests to be more mindful and they activate mental abilities as well as physical resources. We notice that these methods benefit our guests. A mindful way of treating your body, your mind, your feelings and relationships is essential to leading a balanced life. By being aware, guests can influence physical complaints positively, control them or even protect themselves from them. The exercises are easy to do – our guests can introduce them into their daily life and can benefit from their therapeutic fasting stay at the BUCHINGER clinic long after their visit.