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Dr. Verena Buchinger-Kähler

Tradition across 4 generations

2017 sees the 4th generation of the Buchinger family take over the business. For the first time in the history of the Bad Pyrmont clinic, a woman is head of the clinic: Together with her husband Christian Kähler, Dr. med. Verena Buchinger-Kähler takes over the directorship of the clinic with the aim of leading the path of her ancestors into a new age.

Having spent her childhood and school years in Bad Pyrmont, Verena Buchinger first started to get involved in the clinic at the age of 15. Starting off in the kitchen and restaurant, then moving on to the wards and reception, she learns about the processes in each area and, as such, her life is closely interwoven with the family business from an early age onwards. Over many years, she is able to gain real insight from nurses to doctors on each area of activity within the clinic and to internalize it.

Verena Buchinger studied medicine in Düsseldorf and completed her degree in 2010, one semester earlier than expected with a distinction. Her PhD is in cardiothoracic surgery. She gains practical experience in general medicine and pediatric oncology in the US. During her degree she also worked as a tutor to other medical students as well as surgical orderly (instrumenteur) in plastic surgery in Düsseldorf. She also found the time in between to help out her parents at the Buchinger clinic.

Once her degree is completed in 2011, she starts her residency at the University clinic of Aachen in 2011, working in the area of “plastic, hand and burn surgery” led by the renowned Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. Prof. h.c. mult. Norbert Pallua.

By the end of this intensive training period, supplemented with several overseas assignments, Verena Buchinger has gained considerable knowledge in the field of emergency medicine. She is also appointed as a psycho-oncological representative of the clinic and collaborates on numerous publications, providing lectures to both expert audiences and students.

2016 sees the start of the handover proceedings of the BUCHINGER family clinic in Bad Pyrmont – her father Dr. Andreas Buchinger provides her with the necessary knowledge transfer in the area of naturopathy and more specifically on the BUCHINGER therapeutic fasting cure and its holistic approach, but also in regard to alternative approaches to medicine.

In 2017 she moves from Aachen to Pyrmont. Since then she has been co-managing the clinic with her father Dr. Andreas Buchinger. What she considers to be the most important aspect of her work? The foundations of the mind-body medicine: self – effectiveness and mindfulness – these are the principles on which she takes on her family’s tradition and strives to serve the patients of the BUCHINGER clinic with an open heart and ear.

a glimpse of the life of verena buchinger-kähler