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Dr. Otto Buchinger II.

Continuation of the family tradition

The successor to the pioneer Otto I., he deserves to be recognized in many ways for his further development of the BUCHINGER-method. He not only managed the clinic over forty years, but also made some key decisions that led to the current method of the therapeutic fasting cure.

Otto Hermann Ferdinand Buchinger is the third child born to Otto and Else Buchinger (née Sander) on March 19, 1913 in Flensburg. His father is stationed at the naval base in Flensburg at this time. Following in his father’s footsteps, Otto II. decides to study medicine, and graduates from the university of Göttingen.

Otto II. joins the clinic in 1946 and three years later publishes a paper on the therapeutic fasting cure and its history. When the founder of the sanatorium retires in 1953, Otto Buchinger II. takes over the directorship.

During his time, he worked largely on honing the methodology of therapeutic fasting cures. Breaking the fast and the follow up days of reconstitution that include the ovo-lacto-vegetarian nutritional plan are all part of the legacy of Otto Buchinger II, as well as the incorporation of exercise therapy in the therapeutic fasting cure. The balneotherapy, traditionally known as balneology, was incorporated in the therapeutic fasting cure during his time.

Aside from the further development of the BUCHINGER method, the clinic also took some considerable steps under his directorship. When the spa town Bad Pyrmont took significant steps in developing its town, he chose to move the clinic to its outskirts.

Otto II chose the new location of the clinic by analyzing the energy flow. The new location in 1965 provided patients with a calmer environment in which to improve their health, something that had become an increasing challenge along the Hauptallee. Peter Dawkins, a prominent spiritual researcher, once described the location of the clinic as crown chakra.  

Otto Buchinger II. enjoyed a special affinity with Bad Pyrmont. He is involved in local politics and he promotes a number of associations within the town – the Pyrmonter golf club as well as the Lions club are founded by Otto Buchinger.

Aside from his directorship of the clinic in Bad Pyrmont, Otto Buchinger II takes on many functional roles in different associations. During his lifetime, these include being on the Board of the German Central Association of Homeopathic Physicians, the Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (the international branch of the DZVhÄ), the Hartmannbund as well as the central association of naturopathy and regulatory medicine.

In addition, he is a popular keynote speaker and a strong advocate for a healthy lifestyle. He worked tirelessly at raising awareness of the dangers of smoking and alcohol misuse.

To his patients, Otto Buchinger II was a keen listener and a gentle counselor. He died on May 22nd, 2003 at the age of 90 years.

A glimpse of the life of Otto Buchingers II.