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Dr. Andreas Buchinger

Buchinger physician in 3rd Generation

Dr. Andreas Buchinger is the oldest grandchild and son of the two founders of the therapeutic fasting cure, Dres. Otto Buchinger I and II. Born in 1948, he spends his early childhood in Bad Pyrmont. He graduates from the boarding school LSH-Holzminden (Internat Solling) and studies medicine, in accordance with the family tradition.

In 1973 he marries Evelyn Buchinger, they have 2 children. In 1980 he receives his PhD, in 1987 he completes his specialist training for internal medicine. Thereafter he acquires an additional qualification as a spa doctor and as a naturopath, he is a qualified emergency service doctor and is qualified to offer nutritional advice and psychosomatic basic care (therapy oriented learning).

Since 1988 he is chief physician at the Dr. Otto Buchinger clinic– the handover from his father Dr. Otto Buchinger II., takes place shortly after. In the following years he manages the clinic together with his wife Evelyn Buchinger. He has adopted the holistic and body-soul approach from his father and made it an essential part of the BUCHINGER method in therapy.

His aim is to preserve the classic BUCHINGER therapeutic fasting cure and to supplement it with further naturopathic treatments. In 1988 he introduced the TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), followed by other new physiotherapeutic procedures in the following years.

In addition he published a number of articles, press releases, appeared on radio and TV programs in health forums and talk shows. He is author of three leading publications on fasting:

  • 1990 „Das heilende Fasten“, Jopp Verlag,
  • 2000  „Das Original: Buchinger-Heilfasten“, Haug/Thieme/TRIAS
  • 2013 „Buchinger-Heilfasten“ (Mein 7-Tage-Programm für zu Hause), TRIAS
  • 2000 Beitrag in „Clinician’s Complete Reference to Complementary & Alternative Medicine”/USA, Hrg. D W Novey MD, St. Louis/USA, MOSBY (Publishers)

In 2017 he handed the medical direction of the clinic over to his daughter Dr. Verena Buchinger-Kähler, who continues to lead with the guiding principle „WEITER/ FORWARD“(„amplius“), handed down by her grandfather.

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