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Buchinger Family

tradition since 1920

The Buchinger family from Bad Pyrmont, in its fourth generation of medical professionals, cultivates the tradition of the Original BUCHINGER therapeutic fasting cure.: Its current director, Dr. Verena Buchinger-Kähler, the great granddaughter of the founder, has continued the tradition of the BUCHINGER clinic and method.

Whilst each generation has introduced new aspects and know-how to the practice and clinical proceedings, the family has remained true to the founder’s core approach. What binds each generation to the next is a lifetime passion for the medical profession and a willingness to help patients.

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Family history

Four generations – a lifetime commitment: to help patients gain a better quality of life with the original BUCHINGER therapeutic fasting cure: look back in time and follow the timeline to view the moving family history of the Buchingers.


Dr. Otto Buchinger I.

Otto Buchinger I. started studying law in the year 1897. After only one semester, he changed fields and moved to medicine. In hindsight, this is considered to be a lucky coincidence. As such he was able to use his medical knowledge to develop the method that led to the world wide acknowledged Buchinger therapeutic fasting cure


Dr. Otto Buchinger II.

The successor to the pioneer Otto I., he deserves to be recognized in many ways for his further development of the BUCHINGER-Method. He not only managed the clinic over forty years, but also made some key decisions that led to the current method of the therapeutic fasting cure.


Dr. Andreas Buchinger

In 1988 Dr. Andreas Buchinger took over the directorship of the clinic from Dr. Otto Buchinger. He was responsible for expanding the clinic by adding the Rosenhaus, which resulted in increasing numbers of guests. He is also responsible for ensuring that TCM is now included in the holistic approach of the BUCHINGER therapeutic fasting cure at Bad Pyrmont. There followed a number of supplementary naturopathic treatments...


Dr. Verena Buchinger-Kähler

Now in its 4th generation as a family business, Dr. Verena Buchinger-Kähler recently took over the directorship of the clinic in 2017. She currently co-manages the clinic with her father Dr. Andreas Buchinger.